Our Mission and Vision

Dear website visitor

Welcome to Gotec, where the summit of our integrity is to be able to satisfy your expectations. Like many people prior to your visit you will certainly be enchanted by the immense competence level in our field acquired over the last 50 years of Gotec’s existence. Our whole history revolves around a unique pump model invented by Mr. Otto Eckerle after the war, designed to supply domestic heaters with fuel. Today we manufacture and sell this pump to over forty countries and 5 continents in the world representing 90 percent of our turnover beyond the borders of Switzerland.

The mechanical engineering industry acknowledges the pump for its precision and arduous manufacturing processes, Gotec supplies with each pump sold a certificate confirming the pumps performances superior to the clients stipulated specifications. The quality is adequate for the Swiss Made label.

Gotec does not limit itself to producing electromagnetic pumps, we develop and commercialise complete “plug and play” applications used in the air conditioning and heating industries and recently a revolutionary “KISS” (keep IT Simply Swiss) espresso coffee machine which has already received an international accolade.

Dear website visitor, test our products and join the circle of satisfied clients who are the drive behind our increasing success.


Denis Albrecht