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Maybe the most famous pump of our range, then used in every quality carpet cleaner.

Qualified for all low pressure transfer such as drink dispensers or cooling water flow.
It's really THE flowing pump.

On the picture the ETS 17 model with POM plastic nozzles for flexible pipes.


Power consumption : 40 [W]
Weight : ~ 480 [g]
Section height : 3 [m]
Flow max. : 90 [l/h]
Pressure max. : 2 [bar]
Dimension : 51.3 / 60 / 103.6 [mm]
Electrical connection : Two terminals 6.3 / 0.8 [mm]
Hydraulic connection : Ø 9.5 [mm] for soft tubing


Accessories :

Mounting bracket,  wire harness with diode, earth connection.

zip zip ETS 17 - IGS & STEP (3D)